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Take a moment to complete and submit this form.  A knowledgeable staff member will contact you via email and set up an over the phone or zoom interview (15 minutes) Then walk you through the enrollment process for each qualified student(s).  The Team P.I.L.O.T Light program enrollment and student's participation is free. If you're like most people regardless if you attended a community college or university even just growing up you've heard of student loans and the  life-long debt .  Well TEAM P.I.L.O.T LIGHT will enable many college bound students from low income and underserved communities to dare to believe and achieve their higher academic goals.


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Our Story

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Enrollment is free!

Let’s have a word with your teen, to find out if this program is right for them!

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TEAM P.I.L.O.T LIGHT™ was founded in late 2012, inspired by a vision to motivate and create a passage to building an opportunity for positive change in our young people.  Teens from underserved communities around this country,  can believe it and achieve it. " Affording to attend college or a university to earn a degree  without an athletic scholarship or student loan debt is now a reality". 


The program is corporate supported and funded by Platinum Hits Entertainment and active alumni members. Please read to find out about this program and the many services it provides.


The purpose of the TEAM P.I.L.O.T LIGHT™ program is to extend opportunities to high school students that are classified as freshmen and seniors thereby assisting them in further preparation of receiving a college or a post secondary education. We have since implemented additional areas of learning in terms of academic, social, workplace and life skills as part of the program’s curriculum.


TEAM P.I.L.O.T LIGHT™ primary focus is to successfully recruit assist and prepare college bound high school students from inner cities all over the U.S with funding for tuition. We place emphasis on their preparation and enabling our young people with a realistic pathway to access positions ranging from management, upper level executives to business ownership. By affording TEAM P.I.L.O.T LIGHT™ program participants with the financial resources, education and required fortitude, we believe sincerely this will enable them to succeed both in their respective career fields and in life. Essentially, we’ll create jobs and induce spending in around our communities while assuring economic growth and building strong families.


Our goal here is to better enable the program participants to become young executives and future leaders of major corporations or create and launch their own business.


Parents can now afford to send their teens to college or the teen can receive a post-secondary education. As broad as that sounds it is not meant to imply that this program is suited for who all wish to become a participant. Hard work, motivation and determination to excel is expected and essential to all prospected TEAM P.I.L.O.T LIGHT™ participants.


Well simply we can only commit to so many students per year. All students that apply to participate in the TEAM P.I.L.O.T LIGHT™  program must meet the minimum requirements for consideration of acceptance. 




Tel: 404 795-5045

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