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If you are here to apply for a concert promoter position please be advised of the facts, rules, and requirements of each applicant and what to expect during the hiring process. In consideration of this unique career field, and most people lack formal training or previous experience. We are offering an excellent on the job training (OJT) program for all Employee Candidates that will assure them off to a great start.


Training may take as little as 4 weeks but up to 12 weeks to completely prepare an employee candidate for success with us. Unfortunately, we do not provide regular pay until you are officially added to our team. How soon you are added is mostly up to you. You are required to receive training from us at no cost to you but you must pass a series of tests before being offered a job with us.


It is highly suggested that you have a part-time job or some other meaningful source of income that would enable you to concentrate on the task of completing the training while making a smooth transition into this new career field.  Upon graduating you'll be offered a career position with us at which time great pay, perks, and other benefits will begin to happen! But first things first; let's get you started.

This is a multi-tier salaried position.  Pay is based on both your level of education and experience. Tiers and pay rates are set as follows: 


Tier 1. No College Degree Salary rate of $62,000 

Tier 2. Associate Degree Salary rate of $72,000

Tier 3. Bachelor Degree Salary rate of $82,000

Tier 4. Master Degree Salary rate of $92,000 


Mandatory Requirements 


  • You must be at least 21 years old

  • You must be a US Citizen with a valid Social Security number

  • You must have a computer with internet access and an active mobile phone.

  • You must have your own reliable vehicle fully insured and legally in compliance with a valid driver's license. 

  • Fluent in English and must have an above-average oral and writing communication skill.

  • You must work hard, smart, and be detailed oriented, work well independently and under pressure with tight deadlines.

  • Professional mannerism and a positive attitude.

  • Well-groomed (Dress for success).

  • Pass drug and background check.


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